Trauma Counseling


Trauma Counseling

BSCO’s Counseling component is dedicated to providing services that minimize negative factors that cause violence and increasing protective influences that yield positive outcomes. Inspired by the work of NATAL in Israel, BSCO uses trained faith leaders and mental health professionals as trauma counselors to provide counseling services through a helpline and community ambassadors. Services are open to people of all beliefs and will only incorporate faith when requested.

Helpline Advocates: Helpline Advocates help people who are in distress with long-term emotional support and act as a bridge between at-risk individuals and mental health or other emergency services through the helpline.  The advocates offer supportive counseling through the helpline to help people who are experiencing stressful or overwhelming situations. Once a client has initiated services the person will be able to receive a weekly phone call from a helpline advocate providing him/her with ongoing emotional support.  If a caller is interested in face to face services with a licensed clinician, the helpline advocate can assist in this process. They also refer clients to mental health professionals, case management, and other services as needed.

Ambassadors: Ambassadors focus on increasing mental health awareness within the community.  They do this through partnerships with agencies and organizations in the healthcare, education, first responder, business, and faith community sectors.  Ambassadors present material on mental health awareness, vicarious trauma, self-care, and others.  Additionally, they present material about the TURN Model and help to raise awareness in the community about the services offered.

To ensure the success of the individuals in this program, Counseling currently measures its effectiveness through the following metrics:

  • Number of individuals that report a reduction of symptoms
  • Number of individuals that successfully complete the program
  • Number of individuals that are report an increase in knowledge about Mental Health
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