Workforce Development


BSCO’s Workforce Development component equips individuals with the skills and opportunities to obtain and retain employment for economic stability. BSCO accomplishes this goal by providing on-site training, employing individuals from the community, and partnering with other organizations to provide training and employment opportunities. Through its many workforce offerings, BSCO provides opportunities to nearly 300 individuals each year.

Workforce Development:  BSCO provides individuals with assistance in resume building, building up their interviewing skills, and training opportunities in both soft and hard skills to obtain employment.  This component also works to establish relationships with other organizations to provide more in-depth training and additional employment opportunities.

CPS Safe Passage:  Through a partnership with Chicago Public Schools (CPS), BSCO has been able to provide training and employment to residents in Bronzeville and surrounding areas. Employees in this program have the opportunity to build their skills and resume with many going on to obtain better employment.  The Safe Passage Program keeps over 2,500 children safe as they travel to and from school, increasing the potential for greater academic success and minimizing the risk of crossing gang boundaries and other potential issues that can arise during this time.  Safe Passage workers also engage with 7 CPS schools and families to ensure ongoing communication as to what is going on in the community and resolve any issues that may arise.

One Summer Chicago: BSCO partners with the City of Chicago to provide employment to youth ages 16-24 employment through the summer.  BSCO partners with different businesses to provide youth with a wide range of opportunities including areas such as research, retail, and recreation.  Youth that participate in this program have an opportunity to enhance their current skillset to prepare them for the workforce.  Many have gone on to secure permanent employment. 

To ensure the success of the individuals in this program, Workforce Development currently measures its effectiveness through the following metrics:

  • Number of individuals that obtain employment
  • Number of individuals that retain employment for 90 days
  • Number of individuals that retain employment for 1 year
  • Increase in the average amount of hourly rate or salary received by individual